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Terminal Slovenia

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YouTube slika preogleda

“A few years ago, one of my friends had the idea of living for a whole month in an international airport, without ever leaving it (unless, all international airports being by definition identical, to catch a plane that would have taken him to another international airport). To my knowledge, he has never realized this project, but it’s hard to see what, objectively, there might be to prevent him. The activities essential to life, and most social activities, can be carried out without difficulty within the confines of an international airport: there are deep armchairs and bench seats that aren’t too uncomfortable, and often restrooms even, in which passengers in transit can take a nap. You’ve got toilets, baths and showers, and often saunas and Turkish baths. You’ve got hairdressers, pedicurists, nurses, masseurs and physiotherapists, bootblacks, dry cleaners who are equally happy to mend heels and make duplicate keys, watchmakers and opticians. You’ve got restaurants, bars and cafeterias, leather shops and perfumeries, florists, bookshops, record shops, tobacconists and sweet shops, shops selling pens and photographers. You’ve got food shops, cinemas, a post office, flying secretarial services and, naturally, a whole host of banks (since it’s practically impossible, in this day and age, to live without having dealings with a bank.)

The interest of such an undertaking would lie above all in its exoticism: a displacement, more apparent than real, of our habits and rhythms, and minor problems of adaptation. It would quite soon become tedious no doubt. All told, it would be too easy and, as a consequence, not very testing. Seen in this light, an airport is no more than a sort of a shopping mall, a simulated urban neighbourhood. Give or take a few things, it offers the same benefits as a hotel. So we could hardly draw any practical conclusion from such an undertaking, by way of either subversion or acclimatization. At most, we might use it as the subject-matter for a piece of reportage, or as the point of departure for an umpteenth comic screenplay.”1

Ne gre pozabiti, da je bilo sprva predvideno, da glavni protagonist Terminala prihaja iz Slovenije. Koliko bolj doma bi se počutil šele tedaj.

  1. Georges Perec: The Apartment (2), from Species of Spaces(back)
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