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Skrivnost gospoda Burnsa

Objavil ekscest, dne 24.04.2007

There’s something about Mr. Burns that has been recognized, but no further investigation has taken place. This is one curiously incurious nation, pleased by mere remarks and redundant explanations.

Burns; it certainly brings out the sun complex. Hands forming a prayer, without reaching for anything or anyone, circuit of self-sufficiency, pads pressing against each other, matching fingerprints, becoming siamese. Dressed body on a world tour, hunched over a hunch: who/what is in the meantime staying in bed.

Case study.

one: smile

YouTube slika preogleda

two: health

YouTube slika preogleda

three: that greenish quality

YouTube slika preogleda

Slovenian goverment communication office claims Mr. Burns has already been to their country. Presumably on 28th of February 2002 at Brdo Castle.

(tomorrow: Mr. Burns’ plan to save Africa)

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  1. Klemm pravi:

    Ej…a si The Sipsons fan? Ej..jest sm prou obseden..starejši ko sem..bolj so mi hudi. Neč ni hudo pogledat starejših epizod in sezon…zakon so!



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