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Homme alone

Objavil ekscest dne 27.04.2007

This one is for/from U…

Kaj naj moški s samoto in kaj samota z njim?

one: Solitary chess1

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two: Walken dancen flyen shinen2

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three: Adam’s belly button3

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Beloved U…
losing paradise is about getting your attention.

  1. Elton John: I Want Love [2001, Sam Taylor-Wood](back)
  2. Fatboy Slim: Weapon of Choice [2001, Spike Jonze](back)
  3. D’Angelo: Untitled (How Does It Feel) [2000, Paul Hunter](back)
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We ate the world

Objavil ekscest dne 25.04.2007

Mr. Burns has always loved children.
This is an exclusive preview1 of his open letter to the world.
Subject: the way to save Africa. Preberi preostanek članka »

  1. abridged version(back)
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Skrivnost gospoda Burnsa

Objavil ekscest dne 24.04.2007

There’s something about Mr. Burns that has been recognized, but no further investigation has taken place. This is one curiously incurious nation, pleased by mere remarks and redundant explanations.

Burns; it certainly brings out the sun complex. Hands forming a prayer, without reaching for anything or anyone, circuit of self-sufficiency, pads pressing against each other, matching fingerprints, becoming siamese. Dressed body on a world tour, hunched over a hunch: who/what is in the meantime staying in bed.

Case study.

one: smile

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two: health

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three: that greenish quality

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Slovenian goverment communication office claims Mr. Burns has already been to their country. Presumably on 28th of February 2002 at Brdo Castle.

(tomorrow: Mr. Burns’ plan to save Africa)

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Poop culture

Objavil ekscest dne 22.04.2007

Klopotače. Ni bilo dovolj, da so nas prikrajšale za Raj?

Feniksova ločina in Društvo za zaščito šuštarjev protestirata zoper insinuacije na kobroblogu.

Nikakor ne gre za fukalno, temveč fekalno transakcijo.
Dlako1-cepljenje o nerazločljivosti med prvo in drugo prepuščata psihoanalnežem.

V dokaz trditve je priloženo video gradivo skupine neodvisnih Američancev.2

YouTube slika preogleda

Feniksova ločina in Društvo za zaščito rdečih škratcev se obenem zahvaljujeta za uporabo tega prostora.
Ni za kaj.

  1. Katero dlako?(back)
  2. Me and You and Everyone We Know [2005, Miranda July](back)
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Those Martian eyes

Objavil ekscest dne 21.04.2007

Julio Cortázar playing detective?1

It’s not glass, it’s the magnifying eye!2

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I am that eye am.
Is it the eye or the socket? (Funny thing, the latter being called orbit.)
Not (just) the similarity of look. Similarity of gaze.

Where there are cats, there are aliens?3
Ask officer Ripley. Ask pharaohs and pyramids.

  1. That obsession of certain Argentine literati and their precursors(back)
  2. Top Secret! [1984, ZAZ]. Library/bookstore is Tralfamadore.(back)
  3. Remember Kubrick’s 15-page set of instructions on how to take care of his precious felines, remember cousin Alf’s appetite …(back)
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Jagger brani Alamuta

Objavil ekscest dne 20.04.2007

Officially, Vladimir Bartol’s novel did not enter English until 2004.
Before 9/11 there were late sixties, before that there was 1938 …
Jagger1 quotes Hasan ibn Sabbah who is Nietzsche2 who is Bartol …

YouTube slika preogleda
  1. Performance [1968-70, Donald Cammell & Nicholas Roeg](back)
  2. On the Genealogy of Morals, III, 24(back)
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Slovenščina goes to Hollywood

Objavil ekscest dne 18.04.2007

Ko je leta ‘42 pred tem, da izgine, se zateče na ustnice Katharine Hepburn. Morda ta ne ve, kaj govori, a Spencerju še vseeno namigne, kako naj jo dobi samo zase. Z dvojino.
“Zakaj ta večer ne more biti najin?”1

YouTube slika preogleda

  1. Woman of the Year [George Stevens](back)
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Moonwalk meets Sátántangó

Objavil ekscest dne 17.04.2007

Berlin 2002. As always, they got it all wrong.

Teaser for Jackson’s album HIStory was shot in Hungary, year 1995.
National army was hired to do the moonwalk.
Children were summoned to do the fainting.
Hungry for Michael, God’s enfant terrible. The host.
Children are innocent but – at the same time – the only carnivorous humans.1

YouTube slika preogleda

Then happened the stunt of Berlin. Is there a better place to mourn the loss of naivety? Naivety of consuming? Off the Wall.
(seems like eternal recycle)

Golden Parentheses:
40+ year old is not a child.
Sleeping together is not sleeping.
Baby dangling is not a joyful sight.

Obviously, Michael Jackson was big in Hungary.
But how big is Hungary in Michael Jackson?

Wasn’t his overboard performance just a fab dedication
to all those prefab people of Béla Tarr, the children?2

YouTube slika preogleda

(to be discontinued…)

  1. “I just can’t help it. Kids find me irresistible.”(back)
  2. Panelkapcsolat [1982](back)
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Veter je pretveza

Objavil ekscest dne 16.04.2007

Pripoved ne potrebuje pripovedovalca. Najbolje se pripoveduje sama.
Opuščene interpretacije, razpuščeni interpreti.
Pripoved brez zapletov in protagonistov oziroma z njimi, če so nedoločniki.

Najpredirnejša poslušalka glasbe je ona sama. Sploh ko se dom izprazni.1

A book leafs through itself. Wind is just a pretext.2

YouTube slika preogleda
  1. The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible [2007](back)
  2. Sayat Nova [1968, Sergei Parajanov](back)
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Objavil ekscest dne 9.04.2007

Never mind the easter eggies.
It’s all about the trinity (T®NT).
Mind the cross.

one: Antonio Gaudí (1984, Hiroshi Teshigahara)

two: Andrey Rublyov (1969, Andrei Tarkovsky)

three: Journal d’un curé de campagne (1951, Robert Bresson)

Apologies, no (explicit) Malevich this time. He’s recovering from being a commodity.

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